​Glove Care

Prewash & Glove Care

Pre-Wash - Pre-Wash !

Prewash your goalkeeper gloves - One of the first things that you should do when you get a new pair of goalkeeper gloves is always to prewash them. Wash them gently in lukewarm water. During the manufacturing process , chemicals are put into the latex to preserve it. The only way to get rid of these chemicals is to pre wash them.

How To Clean Your Gloves?

1. Use Luke- Warm Water ( not hot water ), immerse palms  in water and  use your finger in circular motions to clean glove. 

2. With dry towel  dry the gloves  to remove all excess water , wrap a towel to soak up water .

3. Hang Dry should take 24 hours.

​4. Wash again in warm water after a match or training .

Why Wash & Care For Gloves?

Sweat and Dirt break down your  gloves and without being cleaned, your gloves simple won't last as long. 

Washing brings the Latex back to life! Its like having new gloves all over again after each washing. 

do NOT spit on your gloves

use a spray  bottle full of water to keep gloves moist before, during  and after training and games ( except for indoor / hard ground gloves, they must be dry before use ) .

Improve your technique, This means less wear and tear on the palms.